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Large format 3D printers

Think Big, Print Big!
Ideal for professionals y ethusiasts willing to print it big.

3D Services

3D printing
3D Scan
3D modeling
Augmented Reality


Complete Subscription plans including “Hardware + Services” from €89 + IVA.
3D printer, consumables, training and support.


Dive into this 3D world.
Classes on modeling and rendering
3D printers assembling and calibrations

Large format 3D printers.

FlexMakers are built with a scalable design approach. These machines will grow along with most of your needs. Flexibility is “the” word for us. Multiple heads and large formats sizes, 3D printing and Making just got big and flexible!

Our standard sizes:

FlexMaker Darkside

3D printing

We provide 3D printing services so that you can translate your ideas into actual objects. If you have a 3D file to print you just have to upload it in our online quotation section and if you like the price, you place the order to receive it at your door as soon as it’s printed. If you do not have the file but you have the idea you can use our 3D modeling services.

3D Scan

Digitization of objects, people, and animals. The ability to capture the shape,
texture and colors of objects scanned in 3D allows you to save,
modify or print it in 3D, as many times as you wish.


3D modeling

From an idea, a sketch, photos, technical drawings or vectors, we can make the 3D model so that if you can render, print it in 3D or use another method of digital manufacturing.

3D Rendering

3D visualization of objects, characters, architecture, interior design, 3D prototyping for industrial design or any kind of idea that can be represented by the union of a 3D model with rendering technics.



With a scalable design approach this machine will grow along with most of your needs.


SimpleRelease Heads

With a simple knob turn your extruder will be free to go. Exchange your printer head and hav some fun with all the flexibility this machine offers to you.


Custom Printers

Here at 3Dealo you can ask us to build you a custom kit or assembled printer. Choose between multiple bed sizes, height dimension, number of extruders, colors of printed parts, eletronics and more! Tell us what you need.

3Dealo are fast and effective. Very good communication and service, highly recommend!Oriol - Diseñador
Not only do they comply with print, but also they advise you on how to achieve the best result for what you want to your print to be. I would definitely recommend it.Jacobo - Diseñador
Brilliant quality, great communication. Good packaging and no damage in transit.Richard

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