Think Big, Print Big
Large Format 3D Printers are Ideal for professionals and enthusiasts.


  • Large Format (40x40x40 cm)
  • Exchangeable Extruders
  • Sturdy and Precise
  • Sensor for Auto Bed Leveling
  • Acme Stainless Steel Leadscrews
  • Touch Screen Display
From € 3.800

The beauty and the beast in one package

With a huge 40x40x40 cm build volume you will have plenty of room to play with your imagination. Take a look at this comparison of build volumes between most printers and this little monster.


  • Attetion to details
  • Designed for looks and stability
  • Wires and eletronics well organized
  • More than 8X of build volume


Sturdy build

Making use of the V-Slot aluminum profiles and V-wheels for linear motion we ensure that all axis runs smoothly and precisely.


  • V-Slot Black Aluminum Structure
  • V-Wheels on All Axis
  • Smart Designed plastic parts
The Force you’ve been waiting for!


We already mentioned that, but it doesn’t hurt to repeat: We designed our extruders so you can quikly and easly exchange them.

What does this system means to you?

Basically, that you can use your printer not only with regular extruders, but also with our FlexHeads (which are exchangeable tools – soon to be released – for your machine). By the way, let´s call the machine a Personal Fabricator Device from now on… not just a 3d printer. You will be able to Laser engrave, Mill, Extrude Pastes (ceramics, food, etc)… and we have some other plans soon to be revealed.

Remember: Not just a printer...



FDM Technology

Resolution (with included extruder):
50 micron (0.05 mm) to 320 micron (0.32 mm)

E3D 0.4mm (1.75 mm or 3 mm)

P.S.: Since we developed the EasyRelease system, you can have multiple extruders, thous variating the resolution and speed of your print jobs.

Print Volume:
40 x 40 x 40 cm (W x D x H)

70 x 80 x 78 cm (W x D x H)

11 kg (aprox.)

As Henrry Ford once said… “Any color, so long as it´s black” … come on, its the Darkside Edition!

Power supply:
120v / 240v 300 watt / 30 A

USB Cable / USB stick / SD Card / Wifi (optional)

V-Slot Black Anhodized Aluminum profile

Yes, I know… I´m Big, Beautiful and Versatile.